Saturday, June 7, 2014

Fear of falling part 2

Yes I still have that fear of falling because my balance isn't what it used to be, nor is it what it should be.  I will never have balance like I had when I was a teenager, or a young mom balancing two babies as well as myself.  But my mind tells me I can do all that stuff still.  Then I fall.

Fortunately, my chiropractor is working on my balance as well as my sciatic nerve issues.  I sometimes feel that both my balance and sciatica are getting better, but then there are days like today when the only relief I can get is -- well there isn't any relief really.

I go on with my life, though.  Today, I did clean up the kitchen and started my silent dishwasher.  I mean it is really silent, but then I'm slowly or rapidly going deaf, depends on one's point of view.  Alan can't hear the dishwasher either and he can hear a TV with little or no sound emitting from its speakers.

It used to be just the opposite.  I could hear a very low-tuned TV, and then about two years ago I noticed that Alan's level of hearing the TV was better than mine at which point I asked my doctor to check my ears.  She looked and said it wasn't wax buildup and suggested I see an ENT doctor. 

However, two knee surgeries and a three-break fall put the ENT on back burner.  I'm still trying to get my schedule so that Alan and I are only at doctor's offices one day per week and at physical therapy two other days per week.  That just about wears me out. 

I want you all to remember this is the ramblings of an elderly 71 year old woman in body, but her mind is still in the early 60s. 

Another shocker this week.  Two weeks ago I went to my primary physician (they used to be called family practice doctors) and was weighed.  I didn't like what I saw.  Then I went back to the chiropractor this week and he weighed me and I was twenty pounds lighter than my other doctor.  Now, that's the second time that has happened, so I figure one of the scales is wrong.  Guess which one I'm hoping is correct.  When you battle weight, you'll take as few pounds as you can get, and it isn't at my primary physician's office.

And, since I was in high school I have lost 3 inches.  So you see, I'm vertically challenged as well as horizontally gifted.


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